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Tom Taylor
Tom Taylor has worked on a wide range of business and technology systems from early IBM advanced office products to airborne military antenna systems to autonomous vehicles. 
Tom joined the Wheego Automotive Company to assist in building advanced electric vehicle technologies for the Global Market and to build an Internet of Things business focused around the connected car.

Previously, Tom worked at Hughes Telematics as VP of Engineering and Technology.  He helped to transform the connected car industry from its early analog days into the present day data and features rich digital world.  In 2012 Hughes Telematics was purchased by Verizon to help move Verizon into more of a solutions based company with a global reach.
Tom built an emerging Data Analytics business and served as Verizon Telematics’ transportation expert in its new innovation and startup initiatives.  He has been able to serve as a mentor for several new startup companies, providing both technical and business direction.
Tom has a BS in Physics from Carnegie Mellon and a MS in Physics from Georgia State University.

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