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3rd Annual CIO Roundtable Delivers Valuable Insight E-mail
Written by Michael Ares   
Michael Ares reporting

Members of the Atlanta Chapter of the Association of Information Technology Professionals were treated to a wealth of insight into the challenges and opportunities facing today’s Chief Information Officer during the chapter's 3rd Annual CIO Roundtable event held September 17, 2009. 

A host of information technology management issues, needs and real-world solutions were addressed by a distinguished panel of Atlanta area CIOs that included Dan Smith, CIO, City of Atlanta; Ken Rabun, VP & CIO, Manhattan Associates; Gary Hall, Sr. VP IT Services and Tech Solutions, Alere; Steve Brooke, CIO, Whoop, Inc.; Bryson Payne, CIO, North Georgia College & State University Dahlonega; and Bill Wilkins, CIO & EVP, Metalforming, Inc. 

Topics that received robust responses from the panel included the critical role of new technology innovation in difficult economic times, the importance of security in an exploding world of social media tools, and the long term benefits of having to do more with less.  Other topics eliciting engaging conversation were how financial performance metrics are placing increasingly difficult challenges on demonstrating the return on investment of new technology implementations and the growing importance of transparency and communication in managing employee morale and constituency expectations. 

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