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AITP and CompTIA have Merged E-mail
Written by John Kosar   
Earlier this month many like-minded professionals from the AITP Executive Council and CompTIA staff came together in Chicago to accomplish the common goal of planning and strategizing the future of the AITP and CompTIA partnership. Many of you may have heard of CompTIA but may not be familiar so here are a few interesting facts. CompTIA is a non-profit with $65 million in annual revenue received through their certifications in networking, security, Linux, cloud and many more. CompTIA has more than 2 million certified alumni and over 100,000 active subscribers. We are excited about the impact CompTIA will have on our AITP Atlanta Chapter and nationally. The mutual value in our partnership will be realized in the engagement in AITP’s monthly educational dinner programming and the opportunity to contribute to a social networking group with career minded professionals.

Very simply, AITP and CompTIA are committed to serve, inspire and empower technology professionals. CompTIA is well positioned to continue to serve the industry while AITP is uniquely connected to serve the technology professionals. Together AITP and CompTIA will be a voice and an advocate for the technology industry, serving technology professionals and empowering the next generation of the workforce in communities around the world.

Remember, no matter how sophisticated the technology, it still takes people.

John E. Kosar, III
AITP Southern District Director
AITP Executive Council

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