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Written by George Orlin   

 You Millennial Consumer: What the REALLY want from your brand

"Brick and Mortar is dead."

We've been hearing that, or something like that, a whole lot recently.

With the meteoric rise of on-demand, technology-driven conveniences all across the world, such as same-day delivery of products from Amazon and delivery of almost any food options from UberEats, many analysts are coming to the conclusion that traditional store-based experiences will disappear altogether. These analysts point to the fact that many modern consumers, especially Millennials, increasingly prefer off-premise purchasing.

However, during our latest AITP Dinner, Laura Davis-Taylor, Co-Founder at the Retail Experience Collective HighStreet, challenged this conclusion. Laura pointed to emerging retail research that concluded that most Millennials actually desire traditional tactile experiences in combination with the newer digital experiences.

Laura Davis-Taylor

Okay... So why are traditional stores dying?

The Failed Brand Promise

Brand Promise

According to WorkFront, "A brand promise is a value or experience a company's customers can expect to receive every single time they interact with that company. The more a company can deliver on that promise, the stronger the brand value in the mind of customers and employees."

This statement is exponentially true for Millennials. This generation of consumer is empowered by digital technology and has every ability to easily select other businesses to purchase from if they have a poor experience. As a result, they hold brands accountable to live up to their brand promises.

More often than not, the failure of the brand promise occurs in the physical "brick and mortar" stores. It may be a lack of inventory, a rude cashier, or exceptionally long lines. Regardless of the exact cause, the problem is a common issue: the consumer did not get the experience that they expected when they arrived. Many of these frustrating issues are avoiding in digital channels, so these consumers either go digital (if they don't have other choices) or they go elsewhere (if they do have other choices).

Keeping your Brand Promise

Want to be a wildly successful brand in a world of Millennials?

Keep your promises. And modern technology can help with that... from digital marketing signage to advanced supply chain management to suggestive selling from a POS. There are countless new tools emerging across industries to make it a little bit easier for brands to deliver better guest experiences.

If these new consumers like your value proposition, and you consistently deliver on it every single time, across every single channel, you will effortlessly glide ahead of your competition as they slowly die at the fault of their own unwillingness to listen to their consumers and evolve.

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