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AITP and CompTIA have Merged E-mail
Written by John Kosar   
Earlier this month many like-minded professionals from the AITP Executive Council and CompTIA staff came together in Chicago to accomplish the common goal of planning and strategizing the future of the AITP and CompTIA partnership. Many of you may have heard of CompTIA but may not be familiar so here are a few interesting facts. CompTIA is a non-profit with $65 million in annual revenue received through their certifications in networking, security, Linux, cloud and many more. CompTIA has more than 2 million certified alumni and over 100,000 active subscribers. We are excited about the impact CompTIA will have on our AITP Atlanta Chapter and nationally. The mutual value in our partnership will be realized in the engagement in AITP’s monthly educational dinner programming and the opportunity to contribute to a social networking group with career minded professionals.

Very simply, AITP and CompTIA are committed to serve, inspire and empower technology professionals. CompTIA is well positioned to continue to serve the industry while AITP is uniquely connected to serve the technology professionals. Together AITP and CompTIA will be a voice and an advocate for the technology industry, serving technology professionals and empowering the next generation of the workforce in communities around the world.

Remember, no matter how sophisticated the technology, it still takes people.

John E. Kosar, III
AITP Southern District Director
AITP Executive Council
2016 Women in Technology Leadership Forum E-mail
Written by John Kosar   

AITP Atlanta Women Super Powers Unite on Stage


2016 Women in Technology Leadership Forum


The AITP Atlanta Chapter hosted a powerhouse of Women Technology Leaders at our Third Annual Women Technology Leadership Forum. The dinner programming for our chapter continues to produce outstanding content and conversations. The distinguished panelists took the stage and were guided by the delightful and engaging moderator Cynthia Curry, Director of Engagement with eHire, on a series of questions as well as a fun and interactive live poll. The poll started with asking the panelists and attendees which super hero they aligned themselves with most. Read on to learn a little bit more about the exciting panelist discussions.

Atlanta’s Leading CIOs’ use of Agile Development Methodologies E-mail
Written by John Kosar & Brant Pirkle   

2013 CIO Panel

The Atlanta AITP Chapter’s 7th Annual CIO roundtable, held this September, delivered a wealth of insight to members and guests into the issues currently facing IT leaders.  Last month’s recap article covered key points made by our panelists concerning their organizations’ strategic direction and business alignment.  This installment will relate the degree to which each of our CIO panelists have embraced agile software development methodologies.  

Agile is an iterative process that promotes close collaboration between development teams and business. The method often uses self-organizing teams and encourages rapid and flexible response to requirements changes.  The Agile Manifesto, written in 2001 by a group of software developers and consultants, emphasizes four basic tenets:

-  Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
-  Working software over comprehensive documentation
-  Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
-  Responding to change over following a plan

In recent years agile has gained worldwide momentum within both small and large-scale software development projects.  VersionOne’s annual survey of 4,048 developers found that 83% of respondents plan to implement agile in future projects – up from 59% in 2011.  Although the degree of agile adoption varied among our panelists’ organizations, all agreed that agile will have a place in upcoming development projects.

February AITP Atlanta Presentation Recap E-mail
Written by Brant Pirkle and John E. Kosar, III   

Through our ongoing Chapter Dinner and Presentations, the Atlanta Chapter of the AITP strives to provide fresh and informative educational experiences that can help our members make better informed decisions in their jobs.  Last month, our speakers provided attendees with strategic level perspectives for two constantly evolving areas within the IT mobility space: application development and enterprise mobility deployment.

Our first speaker, Akshay Shrivastava, Director of Mobile and Connected Devices at Turner Broadcasting provided some building blocks of mobile strategy.  He described methods for connecting mobile strategy with broader business strategies and choices for product development.
Shrivastava emphasized that, “on the continuum of cost of development and richness of user experience, you have more than two choices.  You have multiple options to choose from and each has implications from a business standpoint”.  He is a strong proponent of using HTML 5 to build cost effective cross platform web applications.  “I think we are at a point now where in the next two to three years HTML 5 will be the de facto standard for mobile development.  It is cost efficient, it is a standard, and I think will pick up a lot of steam in the next couple of years,” he said.  “The key for businesses is that they have a strategy that accommodates both mobile web and app,” said Shrivastava.  “The huge span of mobile screen sizes now means that responsive design is becoming a way to keep down costs of building for lots of different platforms, and delivering a single-minded user experiences across multiple devices/screens.”
Our second speaker, George Mashini of Cataval Inc. spoke about how to capture audiences within your own organization and put them to work in more efficient ways.  His presentation focused on the challenges IT professionals will face in planning and implementing enterprise mobility.  He shared his experiences and “the ups and downs of deploying a lot of mobile devices in a lot of hands”.
“We’ve seen mobile really be a driver for increasing productivity and achieving better customer service - better ability to answer questions,” said Mashini. He recommended using a process approach to ensure user adoption.  “If users have to go from system to system, they are not likely to accept it, “he says.   His presentation highlighted new ways of using cloud, SaaS, and multi-channeling to introduce mobility to existing systems.  “The executing challenge is that the data for the business process is actually locked into different silos that have been built over the last 20 years,” he said.  “The promise of the cloud is to build new apps that you don’t have to babysit,” said Mashini.  “The key, “he said,  “is that you can’t short cut security.  MDM was your first layer.  But as you open up the business process with ERP and CRM systems, you have to start thinking about your back end security and hacking.”

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