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Babysteps Bob, Babysteps E-mail
Written by Stuart Baron   

 (Learn AJAX the way I did…from the ground up)

*DISCLAIMER* This Ajax tutorial assumes you already know a little bit about web development, so if you don't, go here and read up.

Key Ideas

  1. The DE-mystification of Ajax
  2. Ajax is NOT a language, nor is it new, it's a catchphrase for a methodology
  3. XML is not the ONLY data format you can use
  4. Learning it WITHOUT the frameworks will help you in the long run
Always On E-mail
Written by Edward Lineberry   

A Blackberry Introduction

Research In Motion's BlackBerry architecture provides the framework for mobile communication in many organizations.  From the varied BlackBerry devices, through the encrypted network, all the way to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, corporate communication is expedient, secure, and reliable.  In this article, I'll discuss how to build on this framework to get more out of your company's data.

And the Geek Shall Inherit the Mirth E-mail
Written by Darin Bush   

It’s All Geek to Me
By Darin M. Bush

“And the Geek Shall Inherit the Mirth”
Issue #1, 22Oct06

Darin M. Bush has been an IT professional for 12 years.  Before that, he worked for eight years in special education.  Darin uses this unusual mix of skills to advantage: writing and lecturing in both worlds.  In this series, Darin will discuss computer concepts, and try to make them less intimidating and more meaningful.

Php - A First Look E-mail
Written by Dave Davis   

By: Dave Davis [See Author’s Biography]

PHP: Hypertext Processor is a server-side web programming language that blends seamlessly with HTML. PHP can run on both Unix and Windows servers, which makes it more accessible than its Windows counterpart, Active Server Pages (ASP). Most full-service web design firms will have at least one PHP guru.

PHP uses are widespread, and can include any kind of server functionality that takes user’s input and displays or manipulates the input. Some pertinent examples of such work are message boards, auction sites, shopping carts, and more. This synopsis is meant to serve only as a gateway to other works; although the main goal is to give a reader enough information so they can make educated decisions about what their web developer should do. For those looking to get into PHP, there are many free tutorials and primers out there:

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