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Solutions Through Connectivity E-mail
Written by Karen Rosen, ATLANTA TREND™   

Jonathan Cox(posted with permission from Atlanta Trend

Jonathan Cox owes his technology career to a football injury that kept him cooped up at home.
“My computer skills didn’t really tackle me hard until I was probably 18 or 19,” says Jonathan, who suffered one hard tackle too many on the football field. “It kind of forced me to find things around the house -- MTV only lasts so long when you’re doing a recovery. We had a computer and I started playing with it and got very enthralled with the process.”
His family has deep roots in medicine, and Jonathan would have been a fifth-generation physician. His grandfather started a shock trauma center after World War II and was a decorated war hero and his father is CEO at the Morsani Center at the University of South Florida, but Jonathan realized that he could make a difference in the medical profession from a different direction.
“I felt that my time would be better served in the IT industry,” he says.

3 Common Errors Made by IT Professionals Using PowerPoint - and How to Correct Them E-mail
Written by Kelly Vandever   

Whether an audience is sitting through a technical presentation, watching a movie, attending a sporting event, sitting through a play, or participating in a business meeting, one thing all audiences have in common is they don’t want you to waste their time.  Yet according to the estimates of Dave Paradi, the co-author of the book a Guide to PowerPoint, as much as 15 million man hours are being wasted each day in bad PowerPoint presentations.  Before you become another waster of the corporate dollar, consider these 3 common errors of using PowerPoint and how to correct them.

The Eyes Have IT: The Importance of Making Eye Contact for IT Professionals E-mail
Written by Kelly Vandever   

I had the opportunity to see an executive speaking to a group of employees in a company meeting recently.  In listening to him, I felt this executive believed in the message that he was delivering.  And despite delivering this same presentation in several different meetings, he spoke with energy and conviction.  But there was one element missing from his presentation that would have added to his credibility and furthered his message even more powerfully.  That missing element was eye contact.

What’s that old saying?  How do you tell if an IT Professional is an extrovert?  He looks at your shoes.  This executive did slightly better than that.  Instead of looking at his shoes (or those of the audience members in the first row), he did what many people do when they are speaking in front of a large group – he looked slightly over the heads of everyone in the room.  It’s not the worst crime a presenter can commit.  But consider instead the value of making direct eye contact.

Ten of the Best New Year Resolutions E-mail
Written by Unknown   

1.          Resolve to stay brutally optimistic. See the opportunity in every difficulty and anticipate the most favorable outcome out of every situation. Whatever you look for, that's what you'll find. We can get better or we can get bitter; it all depends on the lessons we draw from each experience. Optimism is like electricity — very little happens without it. Know this truth: you have all the resources you'll ever need to handle all the challenges you'll ever have. In true emergencies the true you will emerge.

2.         Resolve to identify the most powerful benefit you offer to the people around you and then deliver it. "The purpose of life," said George Bernard Shaw, "is a life of purpose." What's yours? Where are you investing your personal energy: self-preservation or adding value to others? Here's the well-being paradox: If you're only concerned about yourself, you cannot take care of yourself. Only by helping others, can you succeed.

3.         Resolve to pump-up your personal vitality. In the game of life, it's not about who's right, it's about who's left. Over 60 percent of us are more than 36 years old. The real currency of the new century is not cash. It's vitality. It's the ability to keep going every day of every week of every month of the year with vigor and verve. All you are to the people around you is a source of energy, and you cannot give what you don't have. Ninety percent of all adults do no physical exercise at all. More than half of us are overweight. A third of us still smoke. So, this year, resolve to enhance your physical, emotional and mental vitality. Take just a small step. First you'll amaze yourself, and then you'll amaze everybody else.

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