As a long-time Board Member of AITP Atlanta, I’m always amazed by the content that is discussed at each of our meetings – and our February gathering was no exception!     AITP Atlanta welcomed back Cynthia Curry, Director of IoT Ecosystem Enhancement at the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, to bring us all up to speed on the many wonderful things that the Chamber is doing in Atlanta to grow and attract IoT organizations to our city!

Cynthia had so much good news to share that it literally couldn’t be fit into just an hour!  She took us on a very informative tour to the future covering:

  • Healthcare (117B$ by 2020)
  • Transportation (90% of cars will be connected to the internet by 2020)
  • Manufacturing ($70B by 2020)
  • Smart Cities (Smart Lighting to reduce costs and improve safety)

She shared a ton of content with the group, but perhaps one of the most remarkable things we learned is that there are currently an estimated 8.4B connected “things” out there.  This is expected to grow in the next two year to over 50B!

One thing is for sure: Atlanta plans on being a leader when it comes to adopting the myriad of new applications made possible by IoT.  These include Smart Mobility, Intelligent Traffic Signalling and Autonomous Vehicles.  It’s going to be a fast train so hop on new while you still can?

A great big thank you to Cynthia for sharing her time once again with us.   She is indeed a great presenter and is certainly on top of how IoT is going to help shape Atlanta into the future!  For more information on what the Metro Atlanta Chamber is doing in this space, go to their Mobility and IOT page.

For our next meeting, held on March 15th, we’ll be discussing Digital Transformation.  While we’ve seen many groups present on this topic, we’ll be enjoying a bit of a different approach.  Armond Honore, a SME in the space, as well as on Cloud Migrations and DevOps, will be treating our attendees to a fictitious “Kick-Off” meeting.  ABC Widget Corporation has decided to move its infrastructure on to the cloud as they’ve heard that that is what they are supposed to do.  In this kick-off meeting, we’ll learn what that really means, and what companies need to think about when (and perhaps if), they should embark on such a journey!

Hope to see you there!  Registration details will be posted soon.

Frank Raimondo
Board of Directors – Treasurer
AITP Atlanta