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February Dinner Meeting Recap E-mail
Written by Steve Wright   

Dr. Samuel Franklin leads an eye-opening discussion on Data Science for Digital Marketing!

AITP Atlanta continued our dinner meeting series with a phenomenal discussion on Data Science related to Digital Marketing. This is certainly a confusing space, but Dr. Samuel Franklin,  Vice President of Data Science at 360i, delivered an articulate presentation on the subject. Sam’s knowledge and vast experience was apparent, as he gave everyone in attendance much deeper understanding on how analytics works in the competitive world of digital marketing.

Sam Franklin


Sam shared some numbers on the growth of the digital marketing space, and how it will soon eclipse traditional television advertising. For example, in 2016, Digital will represent 37% of total media ad spending. That’s $72 billion in the US, and is growing by 13 to 19% per year!

Sam also went into detail on how Paid Search Marketing works, as well as the mechanisms behind it with Search Ad Auctions. This we incredibly eye opening. I’ve always been astounded by how the search results can come up so quickly when typing a topic into your search bar on your browser. What was even more mind blowing, was everything that happens behind the scenes on your query – all in the blink of an eye!

Sam Franklin

As par for the course with our dinner meeting series, attendees had number of great questions for Sam, which always make these events more of a two way dialogue, as opposed to a one sided presentation. We strive to have local, Atlanta based industry experts, lead the discussion on a variety of topics.

Our March meeting will be led by Lamar Bailey,  Senior Director of Security at Tripwire – and industry leader in the Security automation space. Lamar’s commentary has been regularly featured in many renowned publications, such as Reuters, Forbes and The Guardian. He’s graciously agreed to join us on March 16th, so get registered for the event at www.aitpatlanta.org and Join the Conversation!

We look forward to seeing you at our next event!

Best - Steve


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