About AITP Membership

Atlanta Chapter AITP members are IT professionals and others interested in the technology issues of Georgia, the nation and the world. For many years the organization was known as DPMA, the Data Processing Management Association. The name was changed in 1996 to more accurately reflect the changes in our industry. Membership in the national organization (CompTIA Pro) is optional and costs an additional $49 per year.

The Chapter is active in technology issues and events in the Atlanta Area and through our partnership with CompTIA Pro, with national events.

The Chapter provides opportunities for professional networking, technical updates and social events for its members. In addition, the Chapter sponsors Student Chapters at colleges and universities throughout Georgia.

Membership is by application at a cost of $89 per year. Meeting fees are $35 for members, who may prepay meeting fees for a full year (9 meetings) at a discount ($280 for 9 meetings) or pay for the meetings they attend. The meeting fees basically cover the costs of meals, meeting room fees, speakers’ fees, door prizes and A-V equipment used at the meetings.

If you would like further information about membership in the AITP Atlanta Chapter, or want a membership application, please contact: membership@aitpatlanta.org

AITP Membership Benefits


The Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) was founded in 1951 as NMAA (National Machine Accountants Association) to provide learning and growth opportunities to data processing managers and staff through networking, chapter activities, conferences, seminars, and special interest groups. Today, AITP offers industry leadership and opportunities for professional development and personal growth to thousands of professional and student members


AITP helps members grow professionally and personally through its chapters, conferences, web portal, affiliate programs, and advocacy. Here are just a few of the benefits you receive by joining and becoming involved in AITP:

Share and exchange experiences and knowledge solutions with peers. Develop a resource base of people you can call with questions. Participate in educational activities including workshops, meetings, and conferences. Meet new people, make new friends, and form network contacts for life.

Talk with industry leaders, one-on-one, an opportunity many of us do not have on the job. Expand your horizons with new ideas and different perspectives. Keep current with emerging technologies and techniques. Participate in real leadership opportunities in an environment that allows people to develop and hone their leadership skills. Develop new management strategies. Show your commitment to professionalism and learning. Obtain recognition for your commitment to continued learning, such as through certification and employer support. Revitalize and reenergize your own growth and development. Mentor other professional members. Influence and guide students through student chapters. Provide a voice for the future. Receive discounts on products and services.


AITP helps members grow professionally and personally. The core of the AITP experience is the chapter network. Professional chapters are located in most major U.S. cities and student chapters are found throughout the country. Chapters offer technical and managerial educational programs and provide opportunities for networking.


Through quality IT-related education, information on relevant IT issues, and forums for networking with experienced peers and other professionals, AITP is the information technology professional organization of choice for providing leadership opportunities, professional development and personal growth.  Become part of us.