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March Dinner Meeting Recap E-mail
Written by Steve Wright   
AITP Atlanta is excited to bring you Tom Taylor, VP of IoT at Wheego Technologies to continue our dinner meeting series on the evening of April 20th.  Tom is a veteran of the technology community, and continues to innovate.   He joined Wheego Automotive Company to assist in building advanced electric vehicle technologies for the Global Market and to build an Internet of Things business focused around the connected car.  Tom will lead the discussion on emerging technologies in IoT, specifically talking about the state of autonomous vehicles today and a possible near future, reality view!  He will address some of the technology, business, data and policy issues that face this compelling arena. 
In addition to Tom, we will have a special “return” guest that I know you will greatly enjoy.   (Hint – you may remember her from last year’s Women’s Technology Leadership Forum.)  Her involvement in the Atlanta IoT community is right in line for this month’s discussion and as always, she will not disappoint!!
Come join the conversation all!  IoT in and of itself is a great topic, but to have Tom Taylor leading the conversation is one that you won’t want to miss.  See you there!

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