Douglas Wayne Lawson

Hello Dianne,

I want to thank you for spreading the word that I was needing help with my project. The response was unbelievable. I received several emails within a few days and even received a few resumes. Because of you and the AITP network, I have found a group of developers here in Atlanta. I signed a contract yesterday and my project is estimated to be completed in three to four weeks.

The company I decided on was NicheLabs, LLC. Todd Withrow, the owner of the company, said he received a copy of the email I had sent to you from a friend of his.

Please spread the word and thank everyone who took a part in this.

Thank you again for this and everything you do for the students chapters. Your commitment to AITP and Information technology is greatly appreciated!

Douglas Wayne Lawson

Member of the Association of Information Technology Professionals [AITP]

GGC AITP Treasure