With almost 2 decades of experience in the field of information technology, Bradley has served as director at large to several advisory boards including Georgia Himss, the Georgia CIO Leadership Council, TAG Cloud Board and is one of the founding member of AT&T’s Healthcare Advisory Committee. He has been a guest speaker and blogger for Intel, Microsoft, Allscripts and Greenway Medical on topics relating to Healthcare IT, Security, and mobile point of care solutions. With an enthusiasm described as intoxicating, Bradley brings a fresh innovative perspective to Healthcare IT where “not knowing what can’t be done” is more than just a quote from Henry Ford, it is a way of life.
When Bradley is not working he spends his time with his wife Kimberly, two children Caleb and Zoe and his ridgeback Griffin. Caleb his oldest son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum disorder and has become both his greatest challenge and motivation. Caleb like most children with ASD suffer from a number of challenges that others take for granted and through the tireless work of Kimberly and Bradley they have become advocates not just for Caleb but all children on the spectrum in Georgia and across the country. Kimberly who left a career in real estate to volunteer for non-profit Autisim Speaks has turned a part time volunteer position into being named the Executive Director of GA/TN for Autism Speaks.
An avid athlete you will find him most lunches either running on the treadmill or lifting weights in the gym at his office. The place where he does his best thinking is on his road bike where he rides 2,500-3000 miles a year including round trip rides to Alabama and back with training partners. This love of cycling has has progressed into triathlons where he has complete two 70.3 Ironman races and has a third in December. Six short years ago this would haveĀ  seemed impossible as Bradley learned first hand what it was like to be a patient in healthcare when while running at lunch he fractured his tibia due to an undiagnosed stress fracture in his left leg. The Resurgens surgeon who preformed the surgery told him that he probably would not be able to run again do to the titanium rod that was needed to fix the severe break. This only proved to motivate him and through several months of physical therapy he was able to run a 5k in Maryland for Autism Speaks and just 5 months later completed his first half marathon 5 months after that. The motivation from overcoming adversity became the driver behind the creation of the Georgia Autism Speaks 5k which has rasied more than $325k to date in just 6 years.