Brent McDaniel has extensive experience transforming technology, organizations and IT infrastructure to meet exponential growth and capability requirements. He has spent the past 25 years building and directing elite-level teams in the planning, design, and execution of these strategic initiatives. As a technology innovator measured by results, Brent helps the IT organization partner collaboratively with all business stakeholders to effectively meet their current and future needs. This focus on business responsiveness and enablement has led to an array of winning enterprise technology strategies and platforms that drive value and ROI. In addition, he is adept at building and leading teams with a combination of technical and business strengths by promoting creative freedom with accountability.

Currently, Brent holds the position of Global Head of Infrastructure for Halyard Health (Formerly Kimberly-Clark Healthcare). As part of the spin-off from Kimberly Clark, Brent is part of the senior IT leadership team building an IT organization from the ground up to meet and exceed business demands and drive the Halyard business to new heights.

Prior to Halyard Health, Brent served 14 years in various roles ending as Senior Director of Systems Engineering for IntercontintalExchange (ICE)/ New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). From startup to the 2nd largest Financial Exchange in the world with the acquisition of the New York Stock Exchange, he was instrumental in developing a world class IT system meeting all the demands for the worlds financial markets.

Prior to ICE, Brent was Lead Engineer for Bank of Americas check image project that allows for customers to view their checks online. He also worked for the Naval Research Lab at NASA’s Stennis Space Center and served 6 years in the US Navy stationed in Yokosuka Japan.

Brent holds a Master of Science in Management Information Systems from Georgia State University and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Southern Polytechnic State University. He is a Member of the Board of Directors for the Georgia State Alumni Association.