Josh Stover
Founding Partner at 3D Printing Tech

– Josh Stover: Founding Partner at 3D Printing Tech where he wears all the necessary hats, but is primarily responsible for revenue growth and systems/process implementation. 3D Printing Tech focuses heavily on the customer experience, making 3D printing a simple process to get from point A to B. They offer printing technologies such as FDM/FFF (filament extrusion printing), SLS (laser sintering of nylon powder), and SLA (resin printing) as well as 3D modeling and scanning services and have a focus on high volume printing both in quantity and size. Josh previously founded Blue Media Supply, a recordable media distributor focused on optical media (CDR, DVDR, BDR) and also owns SweeTreats Ice Cream & Highlands Deli in Highlands, NC with plans to franchise the ice cream business in years to come.

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